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Hi, my name is Dora.
I love reading books, and writing romance novels. Why romance?
Well, I am a hopeless romantic and it's always easy to get a character sketch for a romance novel in the places I hang out in like cafes, and bookshops.

Well, so far I've written twenty five romance stories and I'd like you to read them (just click here ) so you can know some more about my writing. Best thing is, they are all FREE.
Have a look and take your pick then get to reading.

Why this blog? I started this because I needed a friend, and once I got one, I learned that there was someone out there out of the seven billion that we are who needed to know that life was for the living. Someone who wanted to know what life was out there, the pain, laughs and thrill of being able to share it too, and so here we are.

I'm glad you got here and like my Grandmother says "life throws things at you, you can decide what to catch, miss, or pass on."

Thank you for reading this- you are awesome! (Hence the thumbs up!)

So, what else is there to me besides writing and this blog?
I love cooking and traveling. I have perfected the art of living off a backpack and wearing tee-shirts and jeans!
I work as a Research Assistant, and I just published my novel "FIRE" on Amazon: You can buy a copy here and get a feel of my style and voice!

You can share my posts with your friends or colleagues or family- if it inspires you or pisses you off, or makes you laugh or pause to think- then let someone read it- that together we may use our words and time in this life to build each other.

I tweet as @herhar
I am on Facebook as: Dora Achieng' Okeyo
I am on Instagram as suchakenyan

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