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"Everyday we warm ourselves by fire,
Wash ourselves in water,
Feel the wind in our hair,
And walk upon the earth."

This is what the CURRENTS series of novels is about. The first book is titled 'Fire,' and it begins with the birth of a young Prince named Ustawi.

A boy is born in the land of Leo. As the sound of the cattle horn is heard, everyone in the Kingdom celebrates the birth of not only a boy, but the Crown Prince. His name is Ustawi.
The hands that hold him foretell a prosperous future, but just like every dream has it's valleys, so has Ustawi's birth. One man has seen the evil that's to befall the kingdom under the boy's reign, his name is Ukweli. He is the Seer.

Fire begins the story of the Prince's life and as you read through a story rich in culture and customs you can only ask yourself, can the Seer fight the gods? Can he avert the impending doom that's to come?
It is available for download, on Amazon, you can find the paperback at ( $6.50) : here and the ebook at ($ 5.00) : here
The next book in the series is "Water," and it will be available for purchase on Amazon in three days time.

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