Saturday, October 24, 2009

A review of Stephen King's piece..."ON WRITING."

Stephen King's take on writing is very compelling and a must read to all upcoming writers because he talks of two essential things:reading and writing.
I have read so many books in a span of twenty one years and at times my friends think of me as weird and a nerd to possess such a library while in college. But I get back to King's take on writing, for one to write well one has to know about other forms of written work. It is not only beneficial in the sense that you get to beat other writers but you also know what to avoid and what to use to spice up your writing.
I have read plenty of books on creative writing and how to become a creative writer but most of them start with "be yourself." So I have to ask, what does it mean to be myself? Because I can read Jane Austen's work and write like her, Charlotte Bronte, P.D. James, J.K.Rowling, Jane Hamilton and more, I can read their work and produce a piece of work that is more like theirs. But Stephen King, does not talk of being oneself in writing he does not say it in this essay, rather he talks of gathering information from all sources to become a better just hit me that finally what the other writers meant when saying that I should be myself is just simple logic, that I should write for myself and if I can enjoy the work that I have toiled for say four to six hours a day then I can expect someone else to enjoy it and Stephen King makes it clear.

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