Thursday, April 8, 2010


I came across an article by one of the many writers, whose work I love- Holly Lisle- and she was talking about how important it is for a writer to find that inner silence. I thought to myself how crazy she must be to think so, but after a moment I realized that she was right on point. Have you ever tried to relax? Like to seriously have your mind at rest without any thoughts crossing your mind? Being a writer and getting to have that silence has never been easy because most of the time, the thoughts that flood your mind are either ideas for a good story or just matters that need your attention.
So, what makes a writer relax and find that silence?
Well, for starters I would say some time away from any form of commotion-most prefer to be in a secluded place where they can actually hear their own hearts beat. But this is not possible for all so some writers prefer to remain quiet in a room full of people or in good company because their mind is just exhausted and it seeks a break-from what i often call "reality."
Everyone needs silence, and whenever we fail to get it then most start to feel as though they no longer know themselves and end up being depressed. What Holly forgot to say is that "we all need to give our mind a break from the thoughts" it's not only writers who need to recharge their batteries, everyone does.
To get that silence here are some suggestions that have worked for some of my friends and family and well-people who have taken the time to:
  • Talk a 30 minute leisure walk. This helps calm you down, and kindly avoid busy places or those dark alleys that are a risk.
  • Take some milk. It actually helps calm you down.
  • Watch a favorite movie or program to help you unwind, great comedies are also good.
  • Soak your feet in warm water for say 10 minutes then have them dry and rest them on a higher surface (not your dinner or coffee table-that would not be good ettiquette.)
  • Listen to your favorite music.
  • Read a book.
  • Take a nap for say an hour or more-it helps relax the nerves and is good remedy after a long and hectic day.
These tips are great and have worked for plenty of people, but make sure to get some rest on a daily basis-as for now I gotta go and start working on the second chapter of the story I am working on-some rest would be good right after I am done.