Saturday, April 10, 2010


We have battled with this question not even once or twice in our lives but every second that we are conscious. Who am I? How do you respond to such a question? How can you tell who you are and who you are not? Some people always assume that the question is about what career they are in or what gender they are. Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, is most known for his famous line, "I think...therefore I am."
He saw that a man and his thoughts were one and the same thing-the mind and body as one, not two or many. But most people do not see it that way, in fact after asking some random people around campus, who they are, I got almost the same pack of responses :
  • I am female/male, I major in___, I stay at___, my hobbies are _______
So, whenever someone seeks to know who you are, it would be your first instinct to provide some details of your identity that are documented, then what?
I would be lying to say that psychologists have the precise answer to this question, because it is very subjective and involves two processes that no outsider can engage in but the self. These processes are :reflective thought and memory.
Bottom line is, to be healthy wholly (physically, mentally, spiritually and psychologically) one must know or at least have  a glimpse of who they are, Whitney Houston, was asked once in an interview who she was and in response said, "I am a person at peace with myself when the lights, camera and action is all off."
Simply put, to discover who you are you have to go beneath the surface to your thoughts, ambitions, dreams, feelings and plenty more...I always say, start by keeping a journal of the daily events that occur in your life.

Totally awesome!