Friday, June 4, 2010

The power of sight.

I was aboard a matatu from Babadogo to town,because there was an
appointment that I had to see to. I am really grateful that I get to
see what is happening around me-there was this man selling bananas at
the bus stage and the bunch of them seemed to weigh him down but he
kept at his job,and I thought to myself would I walk a mile in his
shoes? Does he yearn for wealth and a better job,and what is stopping
him. That is the aspect of human nature,we can empathise. So,given
that Oprah is done being a talkshow host,and is in talks with Mark
Burnett to get the next best and new face of reality talk show, I
thought,why not? There's the second aspect of human nature-the desire
to impact people's lives as one sees fit. How do you find a person to
lead people? How do you produce a masterpiece? On yet another
christian magazine,a potential leader should have five qualities: a
servant spirit,character,godliness,passion and giftedness. It is not
enough to see what is around us but to figure out a way to learn from
what we see,to change our society for the better. I had previously
stated that I will never be a counselor,given all the things that are
happening around me- I am rethinking that career option. The power of
sight is compelling I have to work at the drafts I have and compile
chapters of restaurant.

Totally awesome!