Monday, June 20, 2011


I admit that it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog, my apologies. I have been racking my brain with classes, my health, writing and also trying to figure out things. I am a worrier, a thinker and a perfectionist-I hope you get the picture now. Sometime last week, I ran into a colleague who asked me the all time question, "why do you publish your books online?"
I figured there were two ways to answer her: shut up or speak up. I spoke up.
I love writing because it is the one thing on my mind when am snoozing or going about my business. So, here it goes, so far I have published three books online. They are novellas-ranging from 25,000-30,000 words in length. They can be found online, in-case you want to a sneak preview be my guest at :
Given the long and expensive process of publishing in Kenya, I thought why not have my work online? It is a challenge getting people to buy my books, but it is more than a welcome surprise when someone emails me to say they enjoyed reading my book. With online publishing the results are endless. You learn the ups and down of publishing and marketing, plus the royalties are way higher than those offered by Kenyan publishers. In talking to her I realized that I am like many writers. There is the desire in me to get published. There is also a greater desire to produce a masterpiece, of which I would never know it is one until a vast majority of critics and people say it is so.
Same applies to any endeavor you have in mind. Do not count on the whole world to see the sense in it, rather see the sense, make it visible and then later on sit back and let them know it.Standing strong is never easy, but who said that good things come cheap and easy?

Totally awesome!