Friday, July 15, 2011


I heard this story being told today. Two men aboard a matatu were asked for their fare. The first man, pulled out a crampled and very creased fifty shilling note and then reluctantly threw it at the tout. The tout took about three minutes and spread out the note, then gave the man his twenty shilling coin. He dumped the coin in the man's palms and clicked.The next man, just behind him, pulled out his wallet. He pulled out a crisp, clean and very straight fifty shilling note and gave it to the tout. The tout then, looked at him, smiled and gave him his change. He thanked the man.
Isn't if funny that in life we can either be one or two of things?
There is never a mid-point in terms of existence. If we talk of feelings, there is only the matter of uncertainty which does not last forever. So, it got me thinking, which of the two am I?
Which of the two notes given to the tout represent your personality, character and way of life?
Are you the kind of person people admire or the kind they loathe? Are you the kind people want to get rid of or the kind, they want to have in their life and receive with gratitude?
It is all a matter of choice. You can be crisp or crumpled in terms of how you portray yourself, but in the long run, the law of attraction comes into place. You get what you give. Also known as the Pareto-rule, in this case, it applies best, because most of what you receive will depend on how much you give. Quantity depends on quality. You can spend every singles day being kind, using polite words and at the end of the day it might result in respect if not admiration.