Saturday, September 24, 2011

Charming Right?

Let me take you back to high school-at that moment when all you looked forward to was receiving a hand written letter either from home or a friend. There were days in high school assigned to receipt of letters and this would be a good day.
In my Catholic school, it happened to be a Saturday. Everyone would gather at the assembly and listen closely as they called out the names of all letter recipients. When we got to the third year of school-something crept in my mind that made me look closely at the handwriting. I would ask my friends at their moments of bliss to let me peek at the handwriting-especially if it was from their boyfriends.
It was amusing to note that most of the guys had two sets of writing. One was neat and beautiful, the others was clumsy and spacious. It was the guys with neat writing that I concluded were charming and gentle for they took their time in writing the letters. The ones with clumsy handwriting simply wanted to say what they had to say before it escaped their minds and move on to something else. Well, my friends found my analysis wanting if not completely wrong, but yesterday a call from one of them made me think of those high school days.
She's married, expecting their second child and she did realize her husband has very neat structured handwriting.
It also came to her as a shock when she started taking notice of his love for order, perfection and his dedication to the work he does. I was sipping  some coffee that almost went down my windpipe in the sudden urge to say 'I told you so!"
Should have known there was some instinct in me then as a future Psychologist and now...I'm getting there.
So, what of you reading this? You simply had to read on for two minutes about my high school life and judgment of boys handwriting! Where do you fit in all this?
Truth is-there is always that spark in people-it's there in everyone-some are too busy trying to please others to see it, others simply have no clue as to what makes them special or how they connect things in life to understand the whole.
All you have to do-is stop pleasing everyone and start with what you know, how you know it and build yourself everyday. Ask life long questions, seek answers (the long way, don't use Google! For it's a shortcut!) and take in each moment as it comes.