Saturday, October 29, 2011

X-Men- The Case of Professor X and Magneto

I must confess that I am not a complete fan of comic stories. Well, I know the tale of Batman & Robin, Superman, I also happen to know about The Cape, and some few others that I cannot recall.
However, I found myself caught in the tale of X-Men. Simply put-these are human beings with extra ordinary abilities and thus the word-mutants! Their genetic composition is by far deemed better and more adapting to various situations than the normal human being.
I have watched all the previous movies produced on X-Men and was taken aback by X-Men First Class-that simply goes back in time to explain what led to the rift between Professor X- and Magneto. (See here for more details: )
Professor X, was once Xavier and he has the ability not only to read minds but to tap into one's unconscious and repressed memory and can also communicate in the same way. Simply put, you can hear his voice in your head. Then there's Magneto-who once being Eric was after the man who killed his mother and he's a human magnet. He can attract anything metal and bend it or twist it to achieve what he wants. In the movie he manages to change the direction of a satellite dish, change directions of missiles, and even to lift a submarine from the sea into the air.
In life at times when I sit down to reflect on events-it struck me how we are mostly one and the same. Anything that you react to strongly in others is also in you. Taking Magneto, he had such rage and Xavier helped him harness his powers. He even confessed while doing so-that Magneto would become so powerful that he (Xavier) could never stop him. It's more of the rift between the creator and the created. What you set about doing, give it your all and it will gain a power of it's own. Take the works of Picasso, or masterpieces of world Literature-they are known better-and given priority before their creators are. Like Shakespeare-most of the world know of Romeo and Juliet yet few know of his background. Coming to music, Michael Jackson would be remembered not for his love for nature, or peace-but mostly for Thriller and the white gloves and socks!
Whatever you set about it's your creation. We are constantly creating things-moments, thoughts, people and we fail to notice the immense impact of this. Even though in the movie Xavier knew that he could never control Magneto-he tried his best to make him forget the anger and the thirst for vengeance. The two fell apart, when Xavier refused to get back at the humans for targeting mutants. Magneto in his quest for control and vengeance went on his way.
This movie got me thinking of human nature. I know not if it's even nature-or shall I call it the human woe? I think woe-sounds better. All of us have the strong desire to control everything around us. On the other hand there's also the desire to be at peace with everything around us. What we forget mostly is that we cannot be at peace when in control. We are only secure, or complacent, but security does not mean peace. How then are we to find peace without losing our sense of control? That is something I am still trying to figure out.
What matters is your ability to know how you can balance the two, but be warned it is going to be tough, because power never likes to be controlled or made to wait or sit back as events unfold. Somehow-we are all Magneto's and this is to the higher side. On the lesser and the side we shun most we are all Xaviers. If you think I'm crazy, get a hold of the movie and enjoy it.