Friday, November 18, 2011


Have you ever waned to take back the words you said to someone at some point in life?
Have you ever heard just one word, say at a particular moment that simply sealed your fate or so calmed your conscience?
Back in the late nineties when I was growing up-we used to play with pebbles (small stones). We would at times when it rained throw one or two pebbles and watch them skid across a puddle of water. The person whose pebble made the greatest ripple would go home gloating. It was also in the same century that I learned that just one pebble can cause so much hurt. My sister was hit on the head with a pebble, a little bit larger, but the effect it had on her was one I would not like to see again.
I was making my way around the city today as it rained and the sudden urge to toss pebbles came to mind. I tossed a few actually but the feeling I got years back did not come to me as the memory did. I could picture myself happy then, but not so much today. So, I picked a few pebbles and looked at them and also tossed some away. Being a planner, spontaneity does not come as expected but when it does it's like a mad dash! So, there I was tossing pebbles along the road and getting soaked when it hit me that I can consider my choices and expectations as pebbles.
Okay, before you start thinking I am crazy, let me break it down for you.
First you have a pebble, then you seek a puddle, through the pebble into the puddle, it will sink and create a ripple. If you try and throw it across the puddle with just enough strength, the it strikes one point of the puddle, then off it goes and you are left with your ripples.

So, back to the idea at that time, aren't choices more like pebbles? The moment you make a choice you have set in motion so many things and then what you get back are consequences. Depending on what lens you use to view things, they can be positive or not.
Same goes for our actions-in our desire to make meaning of everything around us, most of us have often found it easier to label a feeling or emotion with just a general term and this at times negates the role of that feeling in making us understand what is happening around us. The greatest of these is an assumption in greeting "how are you?"
When I am not fine I tend to say "not so good, but I will be okay." Some of my friends would rather label a feeling as 'sad' when they can say 'depressing' or 'too painful'. So a memory jogged the idea of how to view life and how to experience it, see-you might not know it but any action you take calls out for a reaction. It's however up to you to know what meaning you assign to a re-action.Hot smile