Saturday, February 11, 2012

I need... (Inspired by GirlTalk)

I need someone who is prepared for
  • a million questions
  • My Faith & Christ
  • evening walks
  • my family
  • my annoying yet very cute friends
  • My Father-I carry his spirit wherever I go
  • volunteering-wherever it may take me!
  • my 'bestest' guy friends
  • boy jeans
  • coffee (and lots of it)
  • my imagination
  • my Pen and Paper...and #pencil collection
  • cake, cake and more cakeOpen-mouth smile
  • deep talks
  • Daughtry, Simple Plan, and yeah...Rock! In that order!
  • Jane Austen (love that woman's books)
  • bathroom slippers- every Saturday is laid back day, and bathroom slippers rule this day!
  • cuddling
  • smiles and lots of smiles
  • restaurants and visiting plenty of them-just to get a feel of their food and service!
  • random texts and tweets
  • books, books, books
  • Jodie, Jodie and more of Jodie-hey I gotta talk to someone!
  • moments of silence- yeah I can be still for more than an hour now-thanks to Tai-ChiSend a kiss
and finally the acceptance of the real me: the yin and yang...for am two in one: embracing both is what I cherish...
Yeah, now's your turn-your list oughtta be endless!