Saturday, April 14, 2012


I love buying second-hand clothes. I love the hand me downs from my
sister-because she has a feminine style which I don't. But, here I am
not talking about material possessions I am talking about people. See,
I know people are different. We all have a mind and I cannot think for
you or breathe for you-there are certain things that just cannot come
to be. When I say 'think' I have no control over what comes to your
mind-what I have control over is your integrity to the thought and
also your being. Let me expound on that: say I ask 'what do you think
of hope?' and you say 'hope is hanging on when things get tough and
bleak' -that there is your thought. How can I control it? Well, I can
start by saying 'why must you hang onto something? first of all what
do you mean by hanging? Give me a tangible answer.' There- I have
controlled your thought-confined it to a dimension be demanding that
it fits into a criteria-if you do as I say, the I shall have taken
your integrity and streamlined your thought into what I know-and not
given you the chance to show what hope might be.
We live in a world of second handers. Second handers are parasites.
They do not think for themselves. They let another create and demand
to benefit from that creation. Second handers simply copy paste what
has been.
I have been out on the field for a while-and it hit me, that though
most workplaces desire variety-they do nothing to see the variety
grow. In a previous post "Stop stealing Dreams" I had talked of this.
The schools teach uniformity, employers seek diversity. But this
diversity is only limited to the brain-and nothing else. It is
Second handers will often say 'it has been done like this before' or
'this is how we do things around here' or 'our policy hasn't changed
over the years-because it works well.'
If you sit down to a public lecture- all that's there is second hand
information. The speaker talks and people ask questions about the
talk-not the inspiration behind the talk. See, what you get when you
leave is second hand information. Who's to say that if you went online
you'd not find that information?
If you simply sit on the receiving end-you are killing your self. Most
people in the world have been taught to live for others. I was taught
to live for the well-being of others. I was taught to love my neighbor
as myself-and I know that in loving myself I have to
create-produce-make something grand out of what I have and seek what I
don't have but need. It is only then that I can purely love my
We have to put a stop to the thrive of second handers-by first letting
people know that they have to cultivate their minds. They have to
create and produce things that no one has-because they can and because
that is the best way to thrive in this world. Second-if you have read
this post thus far-are you a second hander?
Are you the type of person who reads a book, listens to music,or makes
conversation without knowing why? Are you the kind of person who would
rather have others do things and you take the glory by saying you were
in their team or their team leader?
Are you the kind of person who will read this and simply nod and
comment that I am right-and do nothing about building your knowledge
on second handers?
If so, just stop-think it through and start using your mind-build on
My favorite character, Howard Roark, in The Fountainhead, asks "if any
man stopped and asked himself whether he's ever held a truly personal
desire, he'd find the answer. He'd see that all his wishes, efforts,
dreams and ambitions are motivated by men."
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?