Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Book of Abel

It's a world, not a man's world.

My name is Abel. I'm twenty two years old and Stacey's mine. Yes, not like a girlfriend or friend, but, she's my daughter. I have never done this before. I guess I wrote some compositions in school, but beyond that- nothing!

I'm a man of few words.

What do you expect with a screaming baby?

Now you know everything, but let me take you back to 'once upon a time.'

I'm Abel and this…is my story.

'A name, what's in a name?' My parents told me that some famous man wrote that. I haven't met any famous men to know what they write. They also said that those words were uttered by a man. Trust a man to give words to a man.
Yet, they still say that men have few words. My parents named me Abel. I hear it is a peaceful name. Father said that other than Jesus, Abel was the first one to turn his cheek for a beating. I would have loved the name Cain. He was a man.
At least he could beat up someone. Maybe that's why I got beat up in school.

I'm a 'cheek turner' just like Abel! So, I have three brothers: Joshua, Emmanuel, and Michael. You can tell from our names that our family embraces the principles of Christ. I say 'embrace' because there is very little in our family that shows we are Christian. Joshua is first, then Michael, then me and the last born is Emmanuel.

So, Abel had to make way for the Messiah. If you want your jaws broken call Emmanuel 'Messiah.'
He's the youngest but the tallest and strongest of us all. Mother was rendered insane.
She had to fight to keep us still and now I know how much we killed her. We threw stones at people. We cut our hair using her razor blades

We even stole people's chickens and sold them- just to make money and go watch 'Commando Movies.'