Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chasing after a Town Herdsman

I chased after a town herdsman.
I was to head to Jalaram Nursery and inquire on their school curriculum with my sister.
It was just ten minutes past noon- I was in black from head to toe and people were staring at the lunatic that I was.
 -The End-

No, scratch that, the beginning!
You already have the synopsis or summary- but let me explain. So, this guy was herding a bunch of cattle in the middle of Milimani Estate-and one cow was left behind. She was cocoa brown and kept calling out to the others. One of her hoofs was painful it seems because she was limping. So, as we were crossing the road I noticed that the 'town herdsman' had left her far behind. He had crossed over onto the other side of the estate and was some meters from the cow's sight. So, I ran after him and asked him to watch out for the cow. He laughed and said that the cow is slowing him down, and it could always catch up with him. I had to convince him to at least have mercy on the injured cow and go with her, as she was in much pain already. He went back for the cow.

My sister was busy trying to get me back to our business. She stated that I did not change anything, given that the man would still leave behind the cow. For as long as the cow was limping it would still get left behind. She might have been right. In her world, she is very right, because that's the bottom line. A fact is a fact, unless rationally proven that it is not.

But, I am tired of bottom lines. I wonder how people get to them. I even wonder why people make them part of their life such that they would do nothing about it. You know the way people say 'that's the status quo or that's the way it is' and I am often left asking really?
My sister saw that the guy would still leave behind the cow.
I saw that he might do that, but at that particular moment, he had to go back for her.
I might not be able to change the whole world- or make everyone considerate of others feelings and thoughts, but at any given moment, something I do or say might alter that moment and all I can do is make it better at that moment.
At least I shall have tried and not settled for the bottom line.

Quick Question: Who grazes in the middle of town?

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?