Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye to the Times

I am writing this because I know you'll never know her pain.
You will never take the time to listen to what she feels instead of what she says. And just like most guys, you will blame me for poking my nose where it doesn't belong, but it did belong the days she drenched my clothes with tears. Those tears were for you, but you never cared, did you?
I will give you the benefit of the doubt- because I believe that people are good. They can be evil, but if you spell that backwards they shall have chosen to live that way at that time. So evil, live, whichever you choose I know that a part of you never meant to hurt her so.
But I also know that this part of you was suppressed by the part that thought you could stomp on her heart and walk away into the horizon Scot free. I did like that you walked away.
I know it's wicked, but somehow, I knew you were faint-hearted.
For loving a person doesn't call for the fainthearted, at times you might be so-but with the things you go through you learn to toughen up and pull some amazing stunts. It is sad that you chickened out so fast. I have been here. I have been on the phone listening because I am eight hours away and her heart is breaking into pieces. She walks down the aisle in three days.
You appear and say that she has been the 'one' all along and that you want a second chance.
You waltz in and disrespect the man who's been man enough for her-and then you expect it all to be okay, but like most letters, this might never get to you. Anyone reading this might think I have taken it personally, but what more is there really?
Because you came to me and you asked that I make things clear and help you convince her, but there's nothing I can do. If her heart is set on you, she will take that man through the same kind of hell that you did, to her, years back. If her heart is set on you, she will look at you and say that she is willing to give you that second chance.
I may smile, laugh or talk to you, but this is not mine to decide.
If she takes you back-I will wish you well.
If she doesn't I will wish you well too, but I do hope that in reading this you will understand that at times what hurts the most is the one thing we refuse to accept or reconcile, that you may be right, I have an ever changing set of moods. I am a mystery because you never know what I think or do. I have done as you requested haven't I? I have expressed it all in writing, but you should only learn that in life we have the now. You had your chances, but you undervalued what you had and I will stand beside her as she gets to that aisle and face the altar, to say "I do" to the man who's been there. I will because you should say goodbye to the times you insulted and disrespected her-especially those times you hit her for never saying the right words. Since when did 'welcome home love' be the wrong words?

PS: This goes out to Agnes.S.Kirwa, congratulations love on your wedding! You are love, you found love, love resides with you, remember to put God first in your marriage.