Tuesday, September 25, 2012

At the Edge of Knowing

Page 270 of I Know I'm In There Somewhere by Helene G. Brenner reads:

"Write your vision at the top of a page. Divide the page into two columns. On one side, write everything you already know about reaching your vision. On the other side, write, "What I know that I don't know yet, that I need to find out."

I was reading this book thinking of how to share with some teens the importance of having a vision. One boy asked me today as I was walking around the Library scouting for a book to read that ' I always see you coming her every day to borrow books, do you read them that fast?'
I answered 'yes.' (of course in my mind I was thinking if he hits on me then it would be child abuse coz he looks like 14 or sixteen tops, he is taller and cuter and well...who knows maybe I wouldn't mind dating him)
He smiled at me then said 'I wish I was as focused as you, bet your imagination is great with all that reading.'
'I think so, don't you like to read?'
'At times, but it's not my thing- I would rather listen to music-say how about we swap earphones?'
We did. He listened to my One Direction as I heard his Kanye West-then he walked with me all the way to United Mall and we went our separate ways with him saying, 'you're cool I will send you a friend request on Facebook and I told him I will tweet at him too on Twitter.'

After he'd left it hit me I am at 5,000 friends and maybe I'd unfriend someone to have him on board too :-) but I was glad that I made a friend- and it got me wondering what it means to have a vision. Is it the same as having a dream? Is it the same feeling?
For to realize a dream you have to visualize it- and at times a vision simply means seeing far ahead in  crystal perspective.

What is your vision? ( I hope one of the short ones is to finish reading this post)
What is it that you have your eyes set on- your strength, will and determination and how do you intend to be once you get that done?

I guess it's all in you and like the cute boy I met today- books or music may not be your thing, but you have hobbies and are also passionate about something, so why not go for it and simply enjoy the fact that you have your whole focus on something? Be like the guy determined to pick up a lady at a club or a bar- have as much determination and game plan such that if plan A fails, there's still a bunch of letters waiting in line till Z. And if Z fails too, start with numbers---- now, those are infinite!

Hate less, Love more: Fear less, Hope more.

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