Saturday, September 29, 2012

Something about Initiatives

This week had some lessons for me.

I learned them the hard way and just when I thought I was done- the journey began!

On Saturday (22nd) I asked you to Get Off that Rocking Chair in the name of getting things done. On Tuesday (25th) I asked you about your vision and what it means to have one and realize it At the edge of knowing .

But all these things require patience, of which if you remember, I had said I lack or simply cannot accept the fact that people use the phrase 'these things take time.' So, this week I decided to celebrate something about me: books! I love reading and thought why not take pictures with my favorite books and see how it goes. Result: It was a Success!

Secondly, I went on to talk about my desire to have a Teen Program that focuses of teenagers and empowers them with life skills. Good news is, I have written the constitution and gotten the ball rolling for registration-which I am proud to say will materialize next year but either way I am glad! So, I found out so many things about starting out an organization and how easy it is to actually quit!

  1. People will think you haven't found a real job! Yeah, you think it sucks that I would rather work on this than work under somebody else's rules and for his/her money. Well, this is better :-)
  2. Guts! Guts! Guts!
  3. If you don't have number two-start stocking up some of it!
  4. Patience! I totally hate the 'P; word because I am not it- but it really is mind torture to wait in line for three hours to be served by a woman who thinks that the secretary on the top floor is pregnant because she spits a lot!
  5. Talk to people you trust about your dreams and protect it!
  6. Protect your dream because not so many people are for you- in fact you'll find that even your family could be against it and your friends, but the only person you need on your side is 'you.'

So, this is a start and I have no idea of how it will go down this December when I call for the first group to share my experience and skills with- but all I know is that I have set the ball rolling and you heard it here first "The Teen Program" is for teenagers (13-19years old) that inspires them through interactive programs, camps and volunteer activities to live to their highest potential. 


The only thing I am sure about is that no matter what happens when you have an initiative let it stem from you, work for it, nurture it and don't give up.

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