Saturday, November 3, 2012

Things about Clouds and People

I have been out and about in Siaya County for the past two weeks. It was a wonderful experience that made me realize that there is more to life if you have hope and very little if you have none. See, most of the places we visited were rural areas where people still value Ksh. 50 as a lot of cash, and they still wonder if Kenya is knows they exist or not. It was a great experience where I had to board picky pickys to make my way around and I learned that I do not speak fluent Luo and need to work on it more- and also that people are like clouds.
Yes, there are many types of clouds- but all of them are way up in the sky. Clouds can move to reveal a clear sky or they can pave way for showers. Just like people, some can make your day as bright and beautiful while others can make it gloomy. All that matters is if you have some wind. Yes, just like the wind can blow the clouds away-so can your decision retain or dispel those who are in your life. If they do not add value to your life, find a way of making your day clear and if they do add value, keep them and cherish them always. It's good to be back home and I know for sure that this time around, I am doing what I love and totally have my family's support -as always.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?