Monday, December 10, 2012

Pending Projects

Did you make some resolutions this year?
To be honest, I hate making resolutions, but I am a planner- and to simply sit down and set a target for a period of time-at the beginning of a year seems to me like making a resolution. So, at the beginning of this year I had so many goals but one of them was to graduate. I am honored to say that I did so (with Honors too) and am grateful to all my friends and family for their support and especially for my school USIU-Africa for providing me with an education that's taking me places. I also had in mind to break into print, more like simply seeing to it that I get my books on Amazon and I am glad that came through. I believe there's a lot more for me to learn and that's because like so many things that I had planned to get done, a lot more is still pending. I have procrastinated a lot- and this is because a part of me is hoping that things will simply work out, but I realized that there's a lot more grit needed when starting an organization.
And this grit has to be so tough that no setback can break it to pieces, and that is what I am working on. Given that today is a working day, I am taking the bold step of seeing that things add up, and that some of the things I wanted to see come to life have already done so.
For those that haven't I am looking through them and the decision to have them realized so I can know where I went wrong, or what I did right to warrant another unexpected result.
So whether you made a resolution or not, what matters is that you have had 345 days to live, love and cherish. In those days you have been hurt, or cherished. In those days you have been your brother's keeper and a good neighbor. In those days you have read my blog posts and shared them with friends. In those days, you might have turned a year older and celebrated life with family and friends. In those days you have lost someone, and as the year ends, you can't help but wonder how you would live without them. What matters is that you have had 345 days, that is 8280 hours, 496800 minutes-of life-and all for you to choose how to spend them.
You have life, and that is a lot more than a pending resolution-so stay alive, love, cherish, share, inspire, listen and breathe.