Monday, May 27, 2013

All in good time

Last week was pretty dull and numbing for me. I have to admit that I
learned so much about myself especially concerning how easy and
comfortable procrastination is.
So, to kick-start this week I decided to do away with some challenges
I had set up for myself. I had convinced myself that:
1. I would not write- not even a paragraph. (Good news: I did not
blog. Bad news: I got so many ideas for stories that I ended up
writing more.)
2. I would not let anything get to me. (Worst news: Everything got to me.)

So, this week I figured that since my 5am club has been going great I
would stretch things a little and see what would be in store for me
this week and given that I love making lists, this is what I came up
1. Wake up at 5am
2. Write in the afternoon if there's time but if there isn't any free
time use lunch break to make some notes.
3. Sleep by 9pm.
4.Cut down on coffee at least move from 4 cups to say 3 and a half?

And a good friend just told me "you are bound to fail at number 4." So
she may be right- but who knows? Maybe I will do my best and see how
that goes.
But if there's something that I have learned is that I need to keep
moving and to engage in various activities that keep my mind fresh and
energized. I have to set aside a health diet of fresh fruits and
vegetables to sustain this too- because inasmuch as I love sugar-
processed substances have caused me so much and I have to cut down on
them to regulate my Hemoglobin levels.

But what of you?
Are you bored stiff by routine?

If you are- then do something about it. I will probably get choked by
Grace for saying this- but if you find that your work is routine based
and you hate it so much- then you are to blame. Because, look at it
from this angle- you applied for the job. You had your reasons and I
am sure the top most reasons was to be paid- not to make money- but to
be paid. See, there is a difference between making money and being
paid. Your employer is making money and paying you for contributing
towards she/he making the money. So- as Bill Watterson says
"Experience is food for the brain." Your job is dull, you do the same
things every day, well--- you contribute to those same things!

As I was looking into #TheGraduateDiaries I realized that most people
who get the job (as in they go past the interview) said they had an
extra factor- something else that's fresh that they would bring to the
job. For most this was personality. But two weeks into the job every
one dreads Mondays and they hate the day so much! So whichever way you
look at it- you said you had an extra factor- and while at work you
can engage in various activities that do enhance your brain and simply
keep you in the know. I love newsrooms because some incorporate this.
Before a story is aired it goes through various channels- and by the
time an anchor delivers the story- it had passed through so many
people and everyone in the newsroom either took part in developing it
or heard of it and shared their opinions. So- if you say work in an
office- have you ever spent 10 minutes with someone from the Accounts
department or Human Resources just to know what their duties are? Have
you ever walked to the office assistants corner and simply asked them
what their day is like? Some may say you are nosey- (it happens) but
you will constantly make connections, get to understand what coming to
work means for different people at different levels of management- and
that is enough fuel to make you figure out your role and position at
work. It also enhances your social skills, making you less of a snob.
Sir Richard Branson, and Bill Gates do this all the time- they say
that at the core of their success lie people. The people they work
with, those who work for them- all have something to contribute to
their success and wealth and so they always stay in touch.

So, whatever it is you are doing- I do hope that things go well and if
they seem to be going bad-all I can say is you decide how you react to