Friday, December 20, 2013

Bits and Pieces...what happens when you have a cup of Coffee.

I love taking coffee.

For a beverage that is deemed to have originated from Ethiopia, all I can say is that a cup of coffee + a good book + good music= a very happy Me!

So, where was I heading with this---> well, I have been going round in circles with this post because it touches on a very dear friend, whom with time we have visited most cafes  here in Kisumu and I must say that we both agree that the place with the best service has to be Kahawa na Kadhalika a.k.a (KnK).

Yes, for a coffee shop - it's gained some good reviews on TripAdvisor, and I will have to say that I do frequent the KnK outlet at Mega Plaza in Kisumu- for four reasons:
  1. They make great Mochas and Lattes.
  2. They serve delicious, soft and most of all fresh- chocolate muffins.
  3. Their waiters are friendly. I'd say kudos to Kevin, Daisy and Winnie- they have all been wonderful to me for the times I went there, and nothing beats a smiling and courteous waiter who knows how to take your order, when to deliver your order, wish you a great time there- and most of all knows when and how to present the bill.
  4. It's serene. Love the seats and the background music- though I'd say they do love playing The Fray, Avril Lavigne and The Cranberries.

So, what happens when you have a cup of coffee?

I found out that good company - added to great coffee makes life better. So, my friend- was around, he hit me up on Facebook- and we had our first coffee at KnK.

It was wonderful to listen to his experiences being abroad- and striving to make ends meet and most of all his views on life and his aspirations. I will confess that most of the time I was a little nervous because I have to admit that I wanted to make a good impression. I was hoping he'd love KnK- and after spending some time there- turns out he did :-)

So, what happened next?

Well, the next time we met- we tried some different place at the United Mall- and it sucked!

Yeah- maybe we should have tried Cafe Ole- but we went for the restaurant directly opposite and it took the waitress ten minutes to get me my coffee- which turned out to be instant coffee. You know- just a pot of milk, a dainty cup, sugar on a saucer and a sachet of Nescafe- way to go!

She took forever to bring the bill- and sadly speaking, my dear friend didn't like it as such- but one thing I did learn was that- first impressions do count. Just like when a cute guy is approaching a cute girl- well, what he says in the first five seconds will determine whether he gets her number or not.

With hospitality- when you treat people bad- well, word goes around and that's it. It's even worse when she has a blog- well, she'll tell everyone about it! So, if you are in Kisumu I'd say there are places you'd get good service and others where it would suck- you choose which one you want.

I am yet to walk down to Boston Cafe- in downtown Kisumu- and have a Latte there. I did try their muffins once, so maybe I should see what else they have in store- and my hope is that I will not have to listen to the waiter or waitress tell me 'this is teapot" like the lady at United Mall- because then I will be forced to correct him/her by saying "this is a teapot! Yes, as in "a teapot."

I would however like to end this post by saying- thank you for letting me rant about my coffee experiences. I would also like to wish you a wonderful week- cherish every moment you have, take in the good and the bad to learn what you can about them and be the one person who radiates light.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?