Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here's what I have to say for myself

I'm back!

Well, I never did leave, but I had to take time off blogging to simply put my thoughts together and complete this.

What is it?

A short story. It was longer but due to some editing I found myself cutting out most of it, and what's left is more or less a summary of all that I had written.I woke up today and had to sit in front of my mom's computer to get this done. Look, I even took a picture:

But, what got me smiling most was this 4 pack of stick notes that I got from Nakumatt, and the Pelikan pens:

I couldn't wait to use them and thus had to separate them- so now I have a full set of stick notes and pens to last me a year, but that doesn't mean that I would not buy some more. The world can always use more stationery, and a regard for the environment while at it. My week has been frustrating because what I desired most did  not come to pass, but I am taking everything in stride and looking forward to another week. I will be going back to work tomorrow, but it's been great writing this story and braiding my hair, and waking up at 7am.

You can download a free copy of " Love like Bouts of Diarrhea" from my Smashwords page ---> here
-- I will also post a direct link on the blog on the right hand side bar, you can just click on the image and be sure to share it with somebody.
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?

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