Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teens for Teens- Kenya

I'm finally doing it!

Finally getting down on the ground and spreading the word about my organization. I feel so good that I had to share this with you- and forgive me, but how are you today?
How has your day been so far?
Have you been pushed to the limits?
Have you had the best day? Are you looking forward to the Easter holiday?

I am finally getting started on Teens for Teens-Kenya. As the name suggests, it's an initiative that seeks to empower teenagers to actively participate in societal development.
It will be open to members aged between 13 and 17 years old.


Well, in Kenya one is of legal age at 18 years. There are so many organizations and groups that target 18 year olds and above, but what of those who are yet to attain this privilege?

I've often heard parents, teachers and most siblings complain of certain things they see in teenagers- and this has led me to focus on them. Teens for Teens will not turn teenagers into perfect citizens or children for their parents, but it will allow them to learn positive life skills that they'll need in an ever changing world. It will not solve their issues but help them through counseling, volunteer opportunities and communication- to identify the root causes of these problems and seek solutions on their own.

It's not about fixing!

So, what or who inspired me to get this started aside from my experience working with people? I will give credit to Ann, who founded and still runs Ti-Plus , an organization in Kariobangi that empowers teenagers and especially those who are HIV Positive.

Teens for Teens is currently based in Kisumu, and we have already started with the marketing and spreading the word around town.

Membership is Ksh. 500. It;s an annual fee that goes towards basic administration of the organization and while setting up this initiative- I had to consider commitment in setting up the fee.
Most people would ask, why do I have to pay to join?
Well, it's a requirement for membership and once you pay there's the entitlement that comes with it-because it's only one bit of your contribution towards the organization.

All our events will be taking place during the holidays when all the members have closed school.

So, now that this is up and about- spread the word.
If you have a sister, brother, nephew, niece, neighbor, friend or child who is aged 13- 17, and you'd want them to be part of this initiative...here are our contacts:

Facebook page:www.facebook.com/teensforteenskenya
Twitter profile:www.twitter.com/t4tkenya
Email address:t4tkenya@gmail.com
Phone Number: 0719 281 216

It's been a long time coming and I'm glad that I get to do this. I have to try and give it my all, who knows...it might just be the one thing that truly makes a positive difference in someone's life.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?