Saturday, June 14, 2014

The things I write about

A man asked me today "what do you write about?" I told him "my experiences, thoughts, feelings and at times when I'm feeling up to it I write about people I have never met in more than ten thousand words."
He laughed at this, and concluded "you are weird." Prince Charming got on his case by telling him to lay off with his rudeness and went on about how great my writing is. (I should pay him for being so good to me, but there's more to him than his love)
After the men went- and I had to get mail and buy some groceries-Bill kept asking if I was okay. We walked from town to the Oile Market here in Kisumu, and all he could ask was "if I was okay?"
I am okay.
In fact, I have been okay for years now.
Who am I kidding? I am far from okay!
I wanted to get home, and blog about that man's question.
See- my mother always tells us that behind every question lies a motive.The greatest motive to the best question would be to find the right answer. I never understood this until today. It's not the way the man asked about my writing, it is how he asked it. It made it seem as though writing is the most futile and nonsensical thing I could admit to engaging in.Well, I am not mad at him for asking it, I find myself calm and glad that he did. It often takes another person's insight at time to make you bring to light factors that you might have overlooked. I have not been writing much this past week.I have been on the road every day and I've cast aside my novel "Currents:Fire" and the blog #Blinded that it made me feel awful for not having written anything. There's no excuse for that and I'm getting back to it because I have a goal to accomplish this year and that is to see "Currents:Fire" available in print in Kenya.
So, what do I write about? Lots of things.
What have I been writing? Nothing.
What is my latest project? A novel about being born into a royal family and choosing the path least expected by your family and friends.
When will it be ready? December 2014. I'm not giving any dates because I have a lot of kinks to iron out and publishers to talk to- I have gotten a few international publishers (three) who are interested in the manuscript, one from Kenya and of course the option to self publish on and
Until then do have a great weekend and be sure to read #Blinded on
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