Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why you should email and respond to messages.

I shared with you the the five emails you should send every week yesterday, and tonight (it's three minutes past nine) I'll move onto why you should check your emails, read some (not all) and respond appropriately.

Ever heard of email ettiquette ?
It simply means being courteous and considerate when it comes to sending and receiving mails as a form of communication.
Just because you type a message and send it to someone, it does not mean that you ought to forget about courtesy.

So, why should you email and respond in time to messages?
  1. Because it shows that you understand the need for timely feedback. If someone sends you an email and you respond three months later...then there's no need, for they shall have moved on to better things. It's recommended that an email receive a response in twenty-four hours or less.
  2. The internet is clearly advocating for speaking in few words. So, Twitter aside, sending and responding to an email requires you to compose sentences, use punctuation marks and this build up on your grammar.

But, though most people have email addresses- it seems that these addresses have been set up for notifications from social networks like Facebook, and blogs like this one, or this one, and as such when they check their inbox and see 240 messages- all they do is click on the box that says "select all" and look for "delete."

It's good to have two email addresses: an official address, say (your first name.your surname@....com) and a social address (cuteasabutton@...com)


Well, if you'll be seeking employment or working on official business using an email address like cuteasabutton@...com is a sure way of showing your lack of commitment. I do also have to admit that for certain professions like being a callgirl/guy- then it might just be right.

So, you've got mail what next:

  • Read it first.
  • Be concise in your response. No one wants to read a story in email form unless it's a blog post!
  • Do not write in CAPITALS. It feels as though you are shouting. Please use sentence case.
  • Most important of all- do not forward chain letters! Please, unless you have a friend who is a collector of chain letters- then you can always fill their inbox with messages of how to forward mail to people for a miracle.

Now there you have it, please do ensure you use the right language in your emails, because it goes a long way in establishing an impression on the one you are communicating with.


For all that is right, let there be love-peace and understanding.