Friday, January 16, 2015

Have you read it already?

Well, have you?

I am talking about Fire

Have you? Or are you waiting to get a copy or maybe hit me up later on for a paperback,because I do love both print and soft copies, and will never say that one beats the other because both have their strengths.

There's a downside if you were hoping to get a hard copy from me, I realized today that my order for #Fire was unsuccessful and so I visited my bank and it turns out there is a limit on online purchase for visa​
 cards. My bank allows me to spend a maximum of Ksh. 5000 for every 24 hours and it is their way of ensuring online security-so, I had to seek another option and that's where the Nakumatt Global Card came in!

If you reside in Kenya, and you haven't a clue about it, the card looks like this:

​So, I ordered copies and they will arrive here on February 17th. I would say that shipping costs are crazy, but am holding it down I guess.

So, here's the deal- I would be honored if you bought a copy of Fire and read it.

It is not rocket science,but if you have a Nakumatt Global Card just load Ksh. 460 at any cashier in any Nakumatt supermarket and then go to this link and select to buy the eBook option. You can download Kindle for PC or for Android device on your phone and read the copy, because I would really appreciate if you bought it and read it, and what you don't know is that Amazon will pay me a great portion of the royalties which will go a long way in rewarding my effort.

The Nakumatt Global card is secure, fast and you are immediately alerted via sms of your transaction cost.

I would be humbled and to be honesty very happy to know that you are supporting my writing by taking the journey with me and buying it online.

So, I'll ask this question again on February 1st- hoping that your answer would be "YES!"

Until then, I am still hung up on reading the book that won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize and will continue to 'Eat, Pray, Love."