Sunday, January 11, 2015


I have been reading two novels while perfecting the art of writing a romance novel to publish this year. It was going on well until, something strange happened. I had a blackout.
You know that moment where everything turns black and you feel as though you are floating?
It happened to me and now I am taking things slow. I have to take plenty of water, vegetables rich in iron and not overwork myself (which might happen at this rate).
So, the books are:
  • The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst
  • Rhapsody by Robert Frost 
 My family has made it clear that I read weird books. It's code for: books by authors they have never heard of. It's been a great week for me because I have had the chance to sit down and set my priorities straight. I did not know that it would take more than a week to focus on finances, savings, leisure and also professional growth.
Robin Sharma, just posted on his blog, 20 Rules for the New Year- and one that stuck out like a sore thumb for me was "If you are the most successful person in the room, find another room." (Read the other 19 here)
How many times have you found yourself surrounded by people who do not challenge you for the better?
And, it reminded me of the wisdom that came from my elder sister. We were having milkshakes at Pizza Inn (her treat by the way) and she told me that in any relationship I engage in, I should seek someone who always challenges me to improve myself and the situation around me. She said, "you need someone who does not just tell you that you can do it, but sometimes asks you why are you stalling? And listens as you make many excuses and then concludes, 'I don't see why you cannot do it."

So, are you stalling?
Or are you surrounded by people who stall you rather than elevate you?
You need the kind of friends who would push you to do something great not because they want to see you squirm, but because they see the might in you when you cannot. You need someone who sees the light when it's dark.

I have been unwell for the past four days, in and out of bouts of nausea, fatigue and restlessness- but am doing well now. I feel much better.
My mentor asked me, "you have published a book, now what?"
I told him, "I am writing the next book in the series and I will publish that too, and I also want to get my teen project up and running through this year."
He nodded and said, "how ready are you for the things that would work out well?"
I was slightly taken aback by this and he said, "I am asking you how you will handle the success because that is what would determine how best you'll be prepared for the loss and disappointment."
Since I was unable to give an answer, he asked me to think about it and go beyond novel writing and venture into different forms of writing. My challenge this week is to write three poems.

It's on this year.
Let your life always be "on." Strive for the best and understand that with it comes more challenges than you would even wish on your enemy. Some people stall because they feel as though everything is against them and sometimes you never see yourself stalling because you think that things are fine just the way the are. You have to look around and know where you are in your life and what you are striving for.
Until then, have a great week ahead.