Wednesday, March 18, 2009


To live and prosper, isn’t that some wish?
To be normal and vulnerable,
To be overwhelmed and agreeable,
To walk without hearing voices,
To be hit and shed blood,
To be insulted and feel the pain,
To be in love and gain,
To smile and not care at all,
To be mortal,
To forget immortality...
To sleep without being beckoned for help.
A hero's dream is unique,
A mortal's dream is full of fantasy,
Both wish they had each other's life.
Both wish that their dreams would come true.
Both talk without knowing who between them is heroic.
For a hero is a coward made brave,
When situations are grave.
To soar like eagles, be swift like a comet,
To read people's minds,
To save damsels in distress, to be invisible.
To flame on and off, to be immortal,
To see the future, to teleport,
And thus a hero is born.
Truth is hero or not, both extremities,
Just want to be alive!