Friday, May 22, 2009

Honestly speaking, I don't know!

She walks towards me with a broad smile plastered on her face and her white gleaming teeth a sense beyond awe.
"I'm new here, you?"
"I'm old here."
"Which major are you?"
"Psyche, you?"
"IBA, that's International Business Administration."
"Okay, good for you!"
"Why did you pick Psyche?"
"Coz I simply love it, why did you pick IBA?"
"My dad's a manager, plus it is marketable."
"So, are you interested in it?"
"Yes, it is the way to go."
"Says who?"
"The news and the global market."
"So, that's why you are doing IBA?"
"Not really, I just love it in a way." I stare straight into the horizon and think of what to tell this beautiful piece of work that is staring at me. Then it hits me that what the future holds is much more of a mystery if we let it, but who cares? Who really cares? Considering that we have futurists and all the experts who can tell where we are headed depending on the matters at hand. Isn't our future shaped by our daily input?
She smiles and talks a lot about herself and her friends who simply disappeared from the earth's surface and now she didn't know what to do with all the time she had in her hands...I seemed like a good venture, she needed to talk to someone, I was the unlucky person!
"At times I think Psychology is one big lie where these people just read your mind and leave you scared."
"Yes, what do they teach you in classes? How to read people's minds or what?"
"Exactly, we read people's minds, what group of geniuses we are."
"You are being sarcastic."
"And you are being naive and ignorant."
"Sorry if I pissed you off, but don't I have the right to express my opinion?"
"You do, but you have no right to abuse the priviledge."
"Don't ever apologize twice, it's a sign of weakness."
"So now, you are abusing the priviledge!"
"No, I am giving good advice, which you can welcome or not, but I am not making assumptions on unfounded proof."
"Thank you."
"So? What am I thinking of?"
"Only you know the answer to that, no one else, unless you verbally communicate that."
"So, you don't know?"
"Of course not."
I looked at my conversant for one moment and was taken aback by her black coffee eyes,sweet smile and short dark hair..such a beautiful creature yet so little to show of it! She smiled again and started telling me about her friends and how much she missed them. She could tell I wasn't being of good company and that's why she talked a lot, but truth was I was listening to her more than she thought I was. I was looking at all her feautres trying to discern her motive for talking to me, when she could pick up the phone and call her lovely friends. None of them had class, if that was so, they why couldn't they stick with her?
If, you haven't guessed by now...she is an empty shell that yearns for answers to questions and is not seeking them! She is the one who is fed with other people's thoughts and takes them in, never stopping to make her own mind about things. She expresses the thoughts and opinions of others but herself and until she gets the wisdom to break free she will continue being an empty times aren't we all?