Saturday, August 15, 2009

Simple acts...unnoticed 2.

She must have thought about him all through the day because things were not working her way.
Amber, that was quite a critical name, which had made her life in school hell, because she was often referred to as a traffic light! She stood at five feet eight, weighing slightly above 60kgs, with dark complexion. Her eyes were spot black and her smile reflected a dimple on her left chhek. A sure sign of beauty that never bllomed like she ought to have. Her job was routine; she checked in at 7:00am and took orders, presented bills, served customers and checked out at 5:00pm. She had a house, too big to be inhabited by a person like her who earned a minimum wage of Kshs. 22,000. Then again, she was a being of volitional power and she had to do what was right to survive, after all that was what prompted her to take the job in the first place.
"Hey, Amber, may I see you in my office?"
"Sure sir."
She quickly followed after her boss and settled herself in the seat opposite him. George Kiama, was a slightly built man aged 34. He was human when thins were right and a chiwawa when thngs were going bad. Somehow being around him made her cause worthy but she couldn't risk revealing her identity to him, if she did her reaserch would be biased and then what? She had to play cool and naive, two character traits that she had never possessed not since the conception of the Myer's Briggs test!
"So I was going through our employee insurance schemes and realized that you had not written any emergency contact, why is that so?"
"I do not have any close friends or family."
"Not even a colleague you could trust?"
"None, whatsoever besides, the scheme calls for someone outside my work area and I do not have anyone I can count on."
"But you did site that you had a family in your application why can't you contact them?"
"They are miles away, sir."
"So, now you have a family."
"Going by what you just said, I do."
"What did I just say?"
"You know the facts, you have probably gone through all my records and just want to ask me if I do infact have a family, friend or relative and not why I didn't fill in that section in the insurance scheme, because they did say that it was optional based on whether I wanted to be insured or not, so to answer your question, I do not want to be insured under your scheme and would gladly sign a letter to confirm that once you have the details down."
"Okay, so since you want it like so, I have no obligation but to call up my lawyer and draft something and get a witness to be present during the event."
"Thank you."
"You are welcome, and Amber, this is not the way..."
"The way to what?"
George looked up at her as she held onto the door knob. "This is not the way to conduct your research."
"Your research, Amber, I am not stupid, just because you failed to give me your details doesn't mean that by law I am not entitled to them, and if I were you I would just consider being a little easy on myself because so far you are doing great."