Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simple acts...unnoticed.

She must have sat looking at him for hours but he was too busy to notice. His white neatly pressed shirt gleamed in the sun. His short combed hair stood up so comfortably barely unaffected by the blowing wind. Then those eyes slowly crossed over the paper as his firm masculine hands gripped the coffee mug, one quick sip for every article, one slow sure bite of the croissant for every reflection. He always came in at 7:00am. His order being: "a cup of hot coffee and croissant please." His smile, was nothing but a slow reminder of what power a charming man had over a single woman. Now as he sat there reading the paper, she couldn't help but wonder what makes him look like a prince charming if at all he was, but then there was one thing: he was a lawyer. Not just any lawyer but a corporate lawyer...she was, well...a waitress.
He stood up almost to leave and then beckoned on her. She went over to his table most comfortably then slowly smiled and asked, "how may I be of service please?"
"May I have the bill please?"
She pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to him. With one quick glance he paid it and then bowed his head towards her, " have a good day, ma'am."
"You too sir."
Then it hit her, his cologne, was nothing but fresh scented lemons and he had gone, as fast as he came in. How could she dream of him like this when she had a research to conduct? This was not what her work constituted of? He would come in tomorrow and then walk away like she doesn't exist. He was in and out and she watched him like a telenovella, but what did he care? What made the difference.
"Hey, Amber, are you okay?"
"Yes, sir, I am fine thank you."
"Well get back to work will you."
"Sorry, right away sir."