Friday, October 9, 2009

Just so you know...

Well, I came across this guy who simply does define what self centered is without effort. He was exceptionally tall and had all the colors of the rainbow in one tee shirt and nothing but graffitti on his jean pocket...besides that he did look like those high school kids who come home during the break only to realize that they are way behind in fashion and try to make up by mixing various colors. He went on to talk about Bleach like he knew it to that latter PS: Bleach is an anime, the main character is Ichigo, he becomes a Shinigami a.k.a God of death after, a visit froom one, Rukia who hands over her powers to him, to help fight and kill a hollow a.k.a evil spirit. That is basically it. The guy, let's call him Adam, goes "OMG I totally feel that cartoon, coz, the dude...that guy just pulls a crazy awesome move on them bad guys and it's just super explosive!"
"So, you follow Bleach?" I ask.
"Yeah, like crazy, which season are you on?"
"Season ten, you?"
"I ain't that far, just in season seven."
"That's cool, you'll get to ten soon enough, so what else do you like about Bleach?"
"Nothing much."
"Well, my fave fight in season ten is Ichigo versus Senbonzakura, awesome fight,hey...gotta go, the bus i was chilling for just showed up, nice meeting i never got your name, remind me what is it again?"