Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking at the wrong scene....

Salma stands tall at five feet nine inches and she has the kind of smile that could make a guy stop dead in his tracks, well that is what everyone says, but when I meet her the only thing that catches my eyes are her beautiful eyes. She has the prophetic eyes, deeply dark and gleaming true! She looks my way and am in awe that lasts forever. I sit silently and remind myself that she is guilty of a murder charge and will not get the appeal granted. Her white shirt with green vertical stripes suit her, the jingling sound of the chains around her feet are but a reminder of how cruel justice can be when I fail to win a case in court. She smiles expecting good news, I smile back giving her the good news she will never get in a million years!
"So, what is the verdict?"
"Should I start withe good news or the bad news?" I ask solemnly.
"Go with the bad news first, if you may."
"Well, I talked to the judge and he cannot grant your appeal because the evidence against you is justifiable and true and also he got a fresh new statement from you daughter, why didn't you tell me that she was in the house that evening?"
"She wasn't."
"Well, that is not true because she says she was, so either she is lying or you are which one is it?"
"I told you the truth and that is final, what did she say?"
"She said she heard you swear that you would kill your husband if he moves an inch closer to you."
"That's a lie"
"She taped it."
"No way."
"Yes she did, so that means that we are back to square one and you have to present me with new information that would make the judge think again about your appeal, or else he will leave you to rot here."
"Okay, so what is the good news?"
"Well, you are being moved to a new place, they will put you under house arrest until all matters are settled and you will be under this system in your own country, we do not get so courteous here in Kenya."
"Okay, guess that is fair enough, but can I ask you one thing? Do you think I killed my husband?"
"Your reality is my reality, Stacy and that is all that counts."
"But hey, before you go, just keep this in mind...I do not know what happened that day or who killed him, I still do not know whether I was his wife or just a playmate, but I respected my marriage and all the things he did outside our marriage that I told you, please keep them to yourself, no one should know who he really was...he was loved by the people who voted him into power and they do not deserve any kind of betrayal...not even from me."