Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday blues.

So after having a very tiresome day I decided to read this book that I found "idling" on the table. See, most people do not get what goes on in my mind because at times if not all times I tend to be inpredictable to them, or so they say. But beyond that, there ain't nothing much but simplicity. So my day started off funny:
  • The alarm went off at 8:00am instead of 7:00am, I must have changed it, or snoozed for an hour.
  • I got dressed in less than seven minutes, which is totally cool-a tee shirt and combo trousers works magic.
  • I had to wake up some people on my floor to sort out an issue, most of them were grumpy!
  • I had breakfast: a cinammon roll, white coffee and a sausage!
  • I had to get online, but had to complete writing an article I had started on.
  • Got a call from a friend, who said I had neglected her: "Out of sight, out of mind."
  • Had to attend a very crucial meeting at 9:00am.
  • Had to distribute tissue to every room on my wing, that's part of my job description as a resident assistant.
  • Read, a chapter on culture and development before my 1:20pm class.
  • Received my results, that were not oh so good, gotta study more!
  • Got an email asking my opinion and giving me a deadline that has long passed, so yeah, I clicked delete, and vavavoom! it was out of sight!
  • Had too study for over an hour and then borrow a few books from the library!
  • Got a fine from the library, refused to pay them the money because they already have the books in their system and it is not my fault that the system is so pathetic, it doesn't actually keep a record of when the books were received!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Walked a good friend to the gate, saw her board the matatu, then walked back in.
  • Sat before the computer, got on facebook, twitter, then finally when I was about to end this article, I recalled the quote I had seen on the idle book, "The pen is the tongue of the soul"--Miguel de Cervantes.