Friday, October 30, 2009

To have travelled...

Okay, so I am going to use the British way of spelling for travel, having it with a double "l" in the past tense. I simply do not get what it means to express one's opinion if most people abuse the privilege. So, let me get over that and get your take on this (notice I did not use the term opinion).
Sheba must have stared at the letter on the table for hours if not days and months. He promised he would come back for her however late it may be. She just had to be patient. She looked outside the window as a cold overcame her...two summer seasons had come and gone and not a word from him, yet deep down in her heart she knew he was somewhere near, he was coming home. But who would have known that the most handsome man, eloquent, intelligent, diligent and all the positive ents put together could emotionally torture her like that. And the women, they would ask each time as if flaunting that she got the best man but couldn't keep him while they got monsters that dwelt with them, they would torment her with the same question, "is he back as yet?"
She would reply, "no."
"Poor child, you must be going through hell, have something to eat, you look frail, better yet get someone else, it's been too long."
What did they care? That was the question that occupied her mind as a car drove into her compound. She stood there, silently watching and maybe numb, because she could sense his was intuition, some scientists out to make money insisted on calling it "the sixth sense" whatever it was, she knew he was home. For the heart yearns for some sort of peace, love, and acceptance while the soul seeks solace. He heart, did she have one? She was hopeful that he would come and she would get the chance to open that letter.
He had asked her not to open it till that day he would come and now, two years later....she would get to know the contents. He walked steadily towards the door upon exiting the car and pressed the doorbell. She stood by the window careful not to move her numb feet. After a few minutes, he walked to the window to check if anyone was inside and then he met her gaze. Her eyes were ice cold, before he could smile...he rushed back and kicked down the door with his might,but it was slightly ajar. He took her in his arms and wept...he had taken so long and she had waited till her heart failed her.
The letter....