Monday, January 4, 2010


The beauty of a flower lies in its petals, that is what a florist told me while I walked past his set up kiosk here in Nairobi. But if the same philosophy is applied to real life then beauty depends on what we see, true in a way, then what shall we say of the "inner beauty" does it cease to exist or not?
I did look around and walked into the supermarket and bought what I needed, then whilst walking out the florist shouted "madam!" I was mad if not angry because as my lovely sister, Chezza says, " a madam is a primary school teacher." So I decided to be polite, because after three years of studying psychology one gets to know the basics of body language and this florist had something in store for me, a flower I guessed. I love yellow roses, they are caring and warm and so charming, he had them but they were expensive.
"Sema." I said a few steps closer to him.
"Huyo mzungu amesema nikupe haya maua." (that white man has said i give you these flowers).
I turned to look and saw my best friend, Rafiqueou, he was in town and he got me the yellow roses and I had the opportunity to ask him how he is doing and what is new in his life. Like my sister says, it is hard to make good friends but hardest to keep your best friend.