Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So magical

Sometimes we struggle to see those aspects of life that we just yearn for and we forget that there's so much hanging/pending before we get to that moment of exhaling. When we seek immediate gratification, chances are we might never learn what it means to work hard and hit a brick wall. The one piece of reference that I love is Randy Pausch's take on life and persistence. In his Last Lecture, he states that the brick walls are there to help us differentiate between achievers and underachievers, or should I call them achievers of sort?

Today must have been the toughest if not most discouraging days of all but I seem to be doing better and hanging in there. I lost data that well...seems to be ideally packaged so well and since the computer had-to be formatted I have no sense of what is right and what is wrong. Knowing that sensitive documents are in a disc and not being able to retrieve them is not my ideal cup of cake but I am striving...
One step at a time, every single day as it comes, that is what I tell myself, sometimes the feeling is magical at other times it just is not.