Friday, January 22, 2010


There comes a time when every single word I write is supposed to mean something to the person who shall be reading it. I live a life full of challenges and whenever I feel like giving up, someone or some event occurs that keeps me going and now I stand to wonder what shall become of every word I write. What effect shall it have on the person reading it? A lecturer once told me that greatness is only possible on two extremes: good and bad. He went on to say that Mandela was great in a good way in that he fought for the freedom and liberation of his people, Hitler was also great...he killed so many peoplebased on his want for a pure Aryan race, he stood by his philosophy no matter how inhuman it seemed to the world. But when he had finished talking, I looked outside the window and smiled...w was my greatness? Was I great and did it show?
Sand is just so coarse and in there are spaces in between the particles large spaces! But sand is used to produce glass...
So from sand comes glass....
Totally awesome!