Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beginning of an end.

I feel as though the title of my article has been used over time but I shall not fail to see it continue being used. I sit here listening to the Fray's " Never say never" and all the while I simply want to surrender and let all matters be. I am at the point where anything thrown at me shall not evoke any's that point of near hopelessness but totally pessimistic, and all the while I had made a resolution of staying optimistic this year. At times just the thought of being so close to what you want then being driven far away from it by circumstances makes things tough. I am no quitter, but today the world came crashing down, the world I yearned for came crashing and I wanted to shrug. I felt like Atlas, with such a burden to bear and so little help...had I shrugged, this migraine would have eased on me, but it has never been that simple with me, not even once. I want to fight back, but I don't want to lose my strength. I am willing to give my all but not my mind even if it means going away with it, so shall it mind is the most precious thing, the world can have some of my ideas maybe all, but not the genius that construes them in my mind.
So before I shrug...maybe a few words were all I needed to put an end to the misery and turmoil within me.
Good things come to those who wait, so it is said...what of pain?
Why must pain be a remedy?