Saturday, February 20, 2010


To have simply coated words to the extent that they have the silver effect on the recepient is something of awe. To have seen you shed tears when no one was watching for fear of being judged harshly...but you are a man, you have to be tough and keep everyone together, you are the glue that holds the paper together, the sun that lights up the petals of flowers after a long night. You are the strong shoulder upon which everyone leans on and you cannot fall, not now. You need to pick me up before I fall, you need to be by my side through thick and thin...but you say that is too much for you, can't a woman expect nothing but the best from her man? Can't she fall knowing that he is there to pick her up? To shower her with compliments at all times? Can't a woman wish? Can't she get what she wants?
Then again, I forgot my dear one... I am a woman, an iron woman as such, under pressure I grow strong. I do not shed tears when I can figure a way out, I do not pretend to be fine when I am not and I do not fail to seek ways to advance my knowledge and apply my wisdom. My shelf is full of great works of accomplished authors, I read and write day and night. I sieze the day like a knight of the round table of Camelot. I put on my armor and you cannot see through me, my veil is but a proper cultural mask that even you, though you feel superior have no clue of. I work day and night and never rest...yet you sit there and pretend to care, seeking attention from me like a toddler, but I am a woman. A strong one so, ask my mother, she nurtured me her feet I cried, at her embrace I melted, she is the one who deserves these words. These silver words that aim to strengthen and not weaken. These are silver words that will be music to her ears and solace for her soul, only if you knew...what a woman she is.