Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We should always seek to be better than we are every single passing second. Being extra-ordinary calls for a lot of hard work and determination, two qualities that we are well equipped with as human beings. Some people think less of themselves whilst others are in a constant battle to prove themselves to the people who try to put them down. But being extra-ordinary is not just being a person who is awarded the noble peace prize, grammy, golden globe, emmy, vma, ema...bafta, it is not about all that but mostly about having to feel that you have done something that sets you on a higher pedastal than the average human being. And with this comes the entire notion of maintaining that status. Most athletes say that they are glad to win a race, but simply look forward to breaking their record and always staying first, once we set ourselves apart from the crowd, there is no going back rather there is going forward. In a world of constant battles to prove ourselves and tough economic crises why not seek to be extra-ordinary?