Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two things; immense burdens!

Two things I have found to be of immense burden are : hope and freedom. Both sound very moral and yet they instill a certain feeling that is irreplacable, with both things you can never have a certain answer and your mind is a constant battlefiled of what move to take next. Some radical philosopher who chose to remain anonymous was quoted to have said "hope is for the hopeless" and when I look back at those times well, he might have just been right! The Dark Ages were a time of fear- because anyone who disobeyed the king and his royal court were automatically put to death, but then isn't physical pain better than emotional turmoil? What a creature a human being is: half animal, half "a deity." Two things I find to be of immense burden: belief and trust. If you believe that all will be well given that you are frustrated it might just come true, at times isn't it easy to tell off those who tell you to "hang in there" question is where? hang onto what?
At times words are of comfort...not when you hear them but when you write them.