Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Words at dusk.

Today has been a wonderful day and this is so because I have actually re-evaluated my goals and desires with such difficulty I thought I was going through a breakdown. I am a writer- and I collect pencils; that is well known by most, but to say that I also have my fears when I hold a pencil and the words simply do not flow is not known by many. Isn't it funny how a writer can slave over a novel for years only to be read in less than five days? And forget that,what of the actors who have to be on set for say a month or more and shoot many clips of one scene only to have an audience watch them for less than two hours? A friend once told me , that I am a slave. I almost smiled but I was glad that she noted that and immediately tagged her as wise, I am a slave not in the essence that I suffer and get whipped, but rather that I work for hours on every word that I write because I know what power they hold. Words can actually create a masterpiece or destroy one before his/her conception. It also hit me that I am over ambitious, and I want to please plenty and forget about myself. I kept working round this piece of work and almost lost my cool when the words could not reach out to me, but isn't that what writing is all about? I must write, that is all I know, yet with words at dawn am left with nothing but hope at dusk, and whenever I feel so low, I clutch that pencil and scribble a few words of comfort, I should have called it "letters to a young writer" but that would distort the masterpiece "letters to a young poet" I guess we all have dreams and we all face brick walls in trying to achieve them, what then sets us apart is our ability to get through that wall.