Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here I am seated in one of the laboratories that are in the school and a couple of thoughts have flooded my head.First, maybe our instructor is stuck in a traffic jam,second she might be seated at home thinking that the Easter holidays have come early and third she must be trying all she can to get here and teach us. But what is learning? Is it restricted to take place only when a figure of authority is around? Should we simply do what others have done before us and leave class after the ten minutes of her not showing up? Well, that last phrase has just been effected because one person has just walked out of class-and I find it interesting that she could do so. She smiles at me and says that she has better things to do-well I guess hanging out a Fifis is better than being in class right?
Well, I have to sign out now and consider my options-I guess it's high time I finish my assignments.
Totally awesome!