Saturday, April 3, 2010


It just hit me today that the world is seriously going online and that most people are caught up in social networking that they cease to see the good that is around them. I was seated in this matatu (no. 44) that was playing some old 80's music and the people were just nonchalant. They were busy doing something that involved the use of their fingers or ears; most were listening to some music available through their phones or ipods (which i found very odd, given that my eardrums were already complaining). Others were either on Facebook, Twitter or just enjoying the latest "SMS Crazy" offered by Safaricom and texting away. Outside it was just chaos as usual-with other vehicles overlapping, pedestrians crossing while the traffic is flowing-but there was this very innocent man who wore a nice black tee shirt with the writings, "I am a stupid Kenyan. But a better politician than the ones I elected." 
Given the latest craze of going online and knowing the coolest acronyms and stuff like that, most people have forgotten how to live, how to use their five senses(touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight) to appreciate nature and the result is that we have so much electronics and very little people. We live online, create a world that is virtual and pretend to be living while all the while we are dying. And you say that appreciating people at their natural best is crazy...crazy you say.