Monday, April 19, 2010


An echo is a sound reflection, well, that is the simply put definition, but in writing this article I am not thinking about the sound reflection because that is too scientific for me, rather, I am talking more about, what we do and how that reflects our character onto others.
At times when someone just gets on your nerves and you laugh it off, then it feels okay, but it comes back as burden to haunt us and we never know what to do then. I am one of the people in this world, (i think) who does not take time to like act spontaneously, some of my friends say I am uptight, while others think that I am so mature, but whatever they have to say or think it does not matter as much to me as a free conscience. I recently ran into a very close friend, who whines a lot, in fact I am obliged to think that it her forte.
Being around her, makes you wonder why she is so jealous of others.
She is a hater, who echoes all the things that she does not have but would like to, and she does this in a very negative manner. So I thought it would be wise to make her see, that the people she despises are not foolish, by talking to her, but she turned against me and all I had to do was walk away thinking I have done my part and that God should have mercy on her poor soul. Any under achiever, failure, or simply put an annoying person, would at times be a negative echo, what you should learn is how not to voice it, let their echo be theirs but not your sound.
Totally awesome!