Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just a good day.

It has been just a good day and nothing amazes a writer as much as
having the time to write like ten pages of a story. Words are tricky
and to find the time for words to be alligned in such a manner that
they make sense is amazing. Today has been a revelation that has
brought so many things to light-everyone is out to get something only
difference is how far we go to get it. Some resort to crude measures
like theft while others just sit and talk about how far they want to
get but never get up and going. It is a mistake to be in the company
or position of the two,but wiser to take time off everyday to figure
out what you want to do. It is hard to find people who know who they
are and what they want in life,but when found,such people are a good
source of enlightment. I have to work hard again and get to writing to
see to the completion of my second project. It reminds of a
writer,wonder whether it was Kosinki,that 'writing is liberation.'

Totally awesome!