Saturday, May 22, 2010


It is 12:29pm as I start typing this post and I am seated in the campus cafeteria at a secluded corner listening to Orianthi's --According to you. I never got the chance to tune into Rickdees top 40 and I feel awful about it. So, what have I done today? Well, I took breakfast, walked to the bus stop and boarded a matatu to a junction then connected to school. But what prompts this post is the love supposed to be original? Does falling head over heels for someone only constrict us to one person or many people?
This guy, probably in his early twenty's with brown stained and unkempt teeth, a white baby tee shirt and blue jeans full of flashy colors, bata comfy sandals for men and a bag pack fixated on his back, walked up close to me and said "hi."
I looked him in the eye (obviously asking him to back off and take a bath) and replied "hi." Then walked into the matatu.
 Then I asked myself, what does that mean? First, he is interested because he kept glancing at me, then finally started staring, second he could be psycho crazy and third, he was just trying to supress the effect of his id (animal instincts). So do people fall in love once or do they fall in love every day?
My friend, let me call her Penny, she is not cheap by the way, okay that name is wrong...let me call her Dime! Yes, she's a she still insists that I am cynical and I thought of it the whole night and made a pros and cons list of being cynical...turns out the pros outweigh the cons, so I am cynical for the next two days until I complete my truth test. If say you come across someone who fullfills your list of the perfect person (let's just assume) and you fall in love, head over heels, folly over sense, heart over mind and all the other responses...does that mean that you will forever deem the person as your one and only? No, because he/she could turn out psycho, cheat on you or just become a nightmare during the day and so you hurt, make excuses, break up, pity yourself, pick yourself up then get out there and fall in love again. Love is a cycle of sorts, it is continous and I find that interesting because then that means that we can actually fall in love with one person (as in really find them to be in sync with us), then lose them and meet others, but the best thing about a cycle is that it has no ends, just pit stops, so...we can actually come across the people we once loved and somehow still do, then what counts is whether we will renew the relationship or move is 12:46pm and I sign off listening to Drake ft. Kanye west & Lil wayne & Eminem- Forever.

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