Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay someone called me cynical-that is being doubtful or contemptous
of human nature. So how did that come about? Well,my friend's phone is
always off every week from 8pm to 9pm-why? Well,she is always tuned to
Citizen tv watching 'Love spell.' she believes that Alex is a gift
from the gods! Alex is a short form of the name Alexander which to the
early people is some kind of cocktail. But the Alex that my friend
moons over is in spanish,Ajehandro! I said that he is an actor (FACT),
good looking (FACT-With make up of course) wears skinny muscle pants
for men {FACT} and he is paid to cry! She called me cynical because I
said that the dude cries as per the script! Aint that just amazing? So
much for the truth test-my pal is now mad,and trying to explain to me
the plot of the soap opera-which sounds worse than a Kenyan
parliamentary session! But truth is I know a lot more about the
soap,because I want to prove my cynicism based on what I have seen and
not hearsay.

Totally awesome!